September 3, 2015
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“Shoot them, they are cowards! They rape! Shoot them, they are dogs! Shoot, shoot, shoot the Boer!” …JACOB ZUMA


South Africa is at war! …and the world doesn’t want to know about it. In fact, there are still people LIVING in this Country that simply don’t want to know about it!

Crime is completely out of control and strikes by Mineworkers and the Transport industry is crippling our economy. Violence has become part of our lives! Farms, Power plants, cars, trucks, tires, homes, businesses and entire squatter camps have gone up in flames.

Pretty postcards depicting Table Mountain and Game Reserves no longer represent South Africa! In the shade of that very mountain lie Kayelitsha and Gugulethu and the Cape Flats, where not even the South African Defense Force is able to stop the bloodbath where innocent children get caught in the crossfire between gangs. As for the Game Reserves, well, there the Rhino pay for the complete and utter lawlessness that has gripped our beautiful country.

Miners go on strike and kill 11 people in a mad murdering spree, hacking people to death with machetes and burning them alive!  When the police end up shooting 34 of these strikers in self-defense the incident gets major international attention and suddenly the police are at fault!

…and somewhere, in the shadow of these events, White South Africans are burying their dead everyday. No one seems to notice or care… Those that can afford it, hide away behind 6-foot walls topped with electric fencing! We have alarms, burglar bars, armed response units, security guards, panic buttons and sirens; pepper spray, stun guns and the lucky ones have firearms! …and still we bury our dead, not because they were sick, but because they were MURDERED!

People are being brutally attacked, tortured, hacked, knifed, beaten, tied up and raped! Some survive the attacks but die a different kind of death… one that slowly kills the soul and murders the spirit. They loose their jobs, their pride, their belongings and some their will to live.

There are less than 4,5 million White People left in South Africa. The ones that can afford it, leave but not everybody can and some of us choose to stay simply because we cannot imagine leaving the country we love so much! More than 600 000 of our people are living in Squatter Camps! Perhaps we are hoping for a miracle… We sure are praying for one!

The year started of with our President singing, “Shoot the Boer, kill the Farmer!” …and “Bring me my machine gun!”

Ayasab’ amagwala (the cowards are scared)
dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
awe mama ndiyekele (mother leave me be)
awe mama iyeah (oh mother)
awe mama ndiyekele (mother leave me be)
awe mama iyo (oh mother)

aw dubul’ibhunu (shoot the Boer)
Ayasab’ amagwala (the cowards are scared)
dubula dubula (shoot shoot )

awe mama ndiyekele (mother leave me be)
awe mama iyo (oh mother)
awe mama ndiyekele (mother leave me be)
awe mama iyo (oh mother)

Ziyarapa lezinja (these dogs are raping)
dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
ay iyeah
dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
Ziyarapa lezinja (these dogs are raping)
dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
ay iiiyo
dubula dubula (shoot shoot)

Ayasab’ amagwala (the cowards are scared)
Dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
Ay iyeah
Dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
Ayasab’ amagwala (the cowards are scared)
Dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
Ay iyeah


Our esteemed ministers respond to this mess by saying things like: “If they don’t like it, they can leave”! …or “Crime? What crime?”

…and still we bury our dead! EVERYDAY!

Here is an account of the last 5 months. YOU decide whether this ANC Government is in control or not!

Whilst writing this article, a 20-year-old girl was robbed and gang raped in Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng, by 3 black attackers!  …and, on the Smallholding, previously owned by the parents of well known actress Charlize Theron, an elderly White male was tortured and murdered by a gang of Black attackers. He was beaten, burnt with a clothes iron, his Achilles tendons severed and finally shot!

This is what we are faced with everyday! Please note that not all attacks are reported on by the media. I will, for the purpose of reference, stick to only those that were… All of these incidents were Black on White attacks! If you are aware of any other attacks during this period, please add the detail and links to newspaper articles as comments.

If you want to monitor the situation on a daily basis, and find detail of verified murders and attacks, not reported on by the media, you can log on to:

…or follow:

5 Months of hell!

*1 May: Bloemfontein – Free State: Businessman, Gerhard Fourie, died after being in a coma since a vicious attack in April.

*2 May: Bloemfontein – Free State: Johan Meyer, 56, miraculously survives frenzied machete attack by large black male gang.

*2 May: Centurion – Gauteng: Wouter de Bruyn (46) was shot dead in his driveway, in front of his wife, during an attempted highjacking.

*2 May: Bothaville – Free State: 96 Year old farmer, Frikkie Rautenbach, was held up in an attempted robbery after his security guards were beaten with a hammer.

*3 May: Heilbron – Free State: Mr. C. Oosthuizen (69) and his wife, Meisie (68), were attacked and tortured in their home with screwdrivers and knives, for 2 hours. They survived but were severely injured.

*8 May: Witbank – Mpumalanga: Well known farmer, Louis Steyn (74) was attacked at his home. He was stabbed several times, but survived. He is in intensive care.

*8 May: Alberton – Gauteng: Former East Rand top cop David Kruger was shot dead outside his home.

*10 May: Heilbron – Free State: 67-year-old Mrs Susan Van Biljon was attacked by a black male gang which kicked in her door; tied her up, beat her up and threatened to pour boiling water over her. She survived.

*11 May: Pietermaritzburg – Natal: Firefighter, Ronald Drake, 69, was stabbed to death on his smallholding. Knifeman Bheki Ngcobo pleaded guilty.

*14 May: Zeerust – North West: Charlotte Strumpher survived an attack on her farm after being severely beaten, kicked and strangled.

*15 May: Malvern – Gauteng: Theresina (Tess) Broskie, 92, was found murdered and raped at her home. Police were shocked at the brutality.–92-

*17 May: Randfontein – Gauteng:  Two small children, aged 5 and 3, watched in horror as their mom, Vanessa Stafleu, was brutally murdered by black thugs on their South Africa farm.

*20 May: Welkom – Free State: Magistrate Maryna Ruthenberg: shot & injured in Welkom home: fights back like a lioness. She became so angry when she was attacked by two armed black males inside her Welkom home that she stormed them, shouting; “Remember this face, I will get you.”

*22 May: Bloemfontein – Free State: Frans Day, a mechanic, murdered in his house in Navalsig, Bloemfontein by a machete-wielding black gang. His wife and daughters who were forced into a cupboard could hear him being murdered. This was the 7th family that was attacked in this manner in Bloemfontein.

*22 May: Delmas – Mpumalanga: Wiaan Botes, a 5-month old baby and his elderly day-care mother brutally murdered in Delmas.

*23 May: Wakkerstroom – Mpumalanga: A farmer was assaulted, held hostage and photographed next to the corpse of a woman people were trying to bury on his farm without his permission. Hendrik Davel, 34, owner of the farm Sterkfontein, near Wakkerstroom, was attacked on Wednesday when he approached the group to inquire about the funeral.

*25 May: Brandfort – Free State: Annetjie Madden (62), was stabbed to death in her dairy shop. Police are seeking 2 Black male attackers.

*26 May: Muldersdrift – Gauteng: Elderly Muldersdrift couple shot in bed: The husband was shot dead. His wife was also shot and taken to hospital.

*29 May: Mooinooi – North West: Neels van der Westhuizen (54) is in serious condition after he was shot twice, execution style by armed black male gunmen. His wife, Amanda-Louise (50), was injured but survived the attack.

*29 May: Middelburg – Mpumalanga: A 33 year old mother, Inga Nortje, was abducted and stabbed to death after being forced to draw money at 3 different ATMs.

*30 May: Heilbron – Free State: In the 5th Farm Attack in this area, all hell broke loose when attackers started shooting at farmer, Johan van der Merwe (67), inside his farmhouse.

*31 May: Middelburg – Mpumalanga: Julie Cruse (72) was tortured with boiling water and a hot clothes iron and finally strangled to death with a scarf.

*31 May: Potchefstroom – North West: 88-year-old me. Petie Bouwer died after being brutally attacked in her home on the farm.

*1 June: Boksburg – Gauteng: Johan Henning was found at the gates of the Glynwood Hospital with his throat slit.

*4 June: Centurion – Gauteng: Arina Muller (29) was shot to death in front of her parents on their small holding in Mnandi, South of Centurion. Nothing was stolen.

*5 June: Lyttleton – Gauteng: A Police officer, Bruwer Smith, was shot dead in front of his ten year old son, while they were out riding mountain bikes.

*5 June: Macassar – Natal: A 58-YEAR-OLD woman was brutally attacked on the N2 opposite Macassar on Tuesday 5 June after her car hit a huge rock in the middle of the road, forcing her to pull over.

*8 June: Lightenburg – North West: A 57-year-old farmer was robbed of an undisclosed amount of money at his farm. He was pepper sprayed and held up with guns.

*8 June: Bloemfontein – Free State: Stuard (55) and Petro (53) McGregor were ambushed and attacked by 3 armed black men in their driveway. Stuard was stabbed and Petro was kicked. She will most likely lose sight in her right eye.

*9 June: Ugie – Eastern Cape: Helena Gouws (62), the wife of a well-known School Pricipal was murdered during an attack in their home. They were both assaulted with knives. Christof Gouws survived the attack.

*10 June: Cape Town: Western Cape: 16-year-old Afrikaans girl, kidnapped by Nigerian and forced into sexual slavery.

*10 June: Johannesburg – Gauteng: The manager of the Spar in Jukskeipark was shot dead during an armed robbery.

*11 June: Cape Town – Western Cape: June Nefdt (73) was found murdered in her home. Her gardener murdered her.

*11 June: Ladysmith – Natal: Elderly couple, Willie Boshoff (79) and Sina Boshoff (76), were tortured, beaten and threatened for hours in their farmhouse. They both survived and were taken to hospital.

*13 June: Soutpan – Free State: Leonard Haasbroek (58) survives shooting on his farm. He was shot twice by his gardener.

*17 June: Port Elizabeth – Eastern Cape: David Laine, 64, was found dead on his living room floor by his brother. Robbers, who fled with only his cell phone, had stabbed him in the neck with a screwdriver.

*20 June: Cullinan – Gauteng: Farmer, Piet Badenhorst (69), is in a critical condition after an attack on him and his wife, Francis, by 3 armed black men.

*20 June: Baltimore – Limpopo: Elderly farmer, Johan van Rensburg (77) was attacked and murdered on his farm. His wife, Gloudien (64) was severely injured and later died in hospital. They were asleep in their bed when attacked.

*21 June: Port Elizabeth: Eastern Cape: Thomas de Kock, 89, dies two weeks after release from hospital after brutal attack. He was found in his home, semi- conscious in a pool of blood.

*23 June: Kuruman – Northern Cape: Elderly farmer, Joseph van Heerden, is in critical condition in hospital after he was brutally assaulted on farm by 4 unknown black men.

*25 June: Parys – Free State: Frank King, 36, owner of the Spark-Air, was seriously injured during a hijacking. He was hospitalized for numerous bone fractures he’d sustained when the black male suspect who stole it ran him over with his own vehicle.

*26 June: Koppies – Free State: 83-year-old Tobie Loubser survives 5 hours of torture during a robbery. He was shocked with electric cables and beaten with an iron bar.

*28 June: Sandton – Gauteng: Zina Rotherham, wife of well-known radio DJ, was shot through her car window while leaving the Gautrain Station.

*2 July: Johannesburg – Gauteng: Twelve-member black male gang terrorize white-run commercial food-supply outlets Johannesburg South with heavy-caliber assault weapons: Attack bakery owner Sean Tuna in shoot-out and killed Spar supermarket manager few days earlier.

*4 July: Kuruman – Northern Cape: Businessman, At Fraser (56), was shot to death in his home. His wife, Ina, was wounded in the shoulder.

*5 July: Burgersfort – Limpopo: 22-year-old man shot and his 21-year-old girlfriend raped during an attack at a home.

*6 July: Wakkerstroom – Mpumalanga: 80-year-old flower-grower, Brenda Carter, is paralyzed after a brutal attack. A passerby discovered her in the trunk of her car 3 days after the attack.

*10 July – Cape Town – Western Cape: Gavin Maritz (57) was found stabbed to death in his Sister’s home.

*10 July: Northdene – Gauteng: Barrage smallholders survive armed attack. They were held at gunpoint and robbed of cash, jewelry and clothes.

*12 July: Johannesburg – Gauteng: 75-year-old Woman, tied up, assaulted and robbed in her home.

13 July: Ladismith – Western Cape: Woman (46) raped and her husband attacked on their Karoo-farm.

*14 July: Reitz – Free State: Wessel Lourens (72), repeatedly stabbed on his farm in Reitz. One black male attacker shot dead.

*15 July: Pretoria – Gauteng: Missing Andre Kruger, 42, found murdered with knife wounds in veldt near Black Township, Mamelodi, Pretoria.

*16 July: Bronkhorstspruit – Gauteng: Hibbe van der Veen, 64, was asleep in his bed when a massive tree-trunk came flying through his window and armed gunmen followed shortly thereafter – shooting him in the stomach.

*16 July: Pretoria – Gauteng: “I will fkng kill you you white bitch!” …a black attacker said  to Mrs Zia Erasmus (70), when he attacked her and her 81-year-old husband while watering their garden.

*18 July: Edenvale – Gauteng: A 73-year-old woman is beaten to death in her home, while her domestic worker and gardener are left unharmed.

*18 July: Roodepoort – Gauteng: An armed black robber sucks wedding ring from Mrs Belinda Swart’s finger while she is tied up and held at gunpoint in her Little Falls home.’s-finger

*19 July: Pretoria – Gauteng: Piet Von Bekkum, off-duty police officer was shot dead at the Wonderpark shopping centre in Acacia by armed black males who had just robbed NWJ Jewelers.

*19 July: Kroonstad – Free State: Former magistrate Jolene Tredoux, 46, tortured for hours by armed black male attackers.

*20 July: Carletonville – Gauteng: Mr Johannes Oosthuizen, (88), was tortured and then bludgeoned to death at his Carletonville home on July 20 2012 in broad daylight. Nothing was stolen from his home.

*22 July: Colenso – Natal: An elderly couple, Noel and Yvonne Robson, who dedicated their lives to looking after orphaned black children, were beaten to near death for ‘pocket money’.

*23 July: Germiston – Gauteng: 71-year-old Woman was found bludgeoned to death in her home by 4 black intruders.

*24 July: Bloemfontein – Free State: Yvonne Rossouw, 62 brutally assaulted in her home. By 3 armed black men. She was admitted to hospital and survived the attack.

*25 July: Walkerville – Gauteng: The entire Viana-family was massacred on their smallholding. 12-Year-old Amano was tortured and drowned in boiling water. His mother Geraldine (43) was gang raped and killed and his father, Tony (53) was shot.

*26 July: Pretoria – Gauteng: Louisa Putter (58) was attacked while hanging her washing. She was beaten unconscious, hung up on a clothesline, her face slashed with a razor.

*27 July: Witbank – Mpumalanga: Elmarie Faber, 54, survives a farm attack. Police confirm seeking for two young black men armed with pistols, dressed in guard-uniforms.

*28 July: Witbank – Mpumalanga: 73-year-old white woman, raped and tortured for 5 hours.

*1 August: Bloemfontein – Free State: Afrikaner toolmaker Johannes Ludewikus Wiesner, 45, was found bludgeoned to death with a hammer in his apartment.

*4 August: Scottburgh – Natal: Afrikaner cherry-farmer Kempen Higgo (80) of Clocolan dies after being attacked and hit over the head with a brick at Durban fish ‘n chip shop.

*5 August: Odendaalsrus – Free State: Annette Knoetze, 64, was stabbed in the chest and her wrists slashed. Her husband said it looked like she had tried to fight back and reach the panic button. Her husband found her body.

*7 August: Smithfield – Free State: Farmer Johan Neethling, 56, was stabbed numerous times by four black men who were driving on a dirt road on his farm. The four men jumped out when they saw the farmer and knifed him.

*12 August: Jansenville – Eastern Cape: Elderly farmer Owen Charles, 70, was hacked to death and his wife critically injured in an attack by five black men, all armed with machetes.

*13 August: Ladybrand – Free State: Allen Rodgers (61) was airlifted to a Bloemfontein hospital after being brutally attacked with a machete on his farm.

*13 August: Hartbeesfontein – North West: Ronél van Eyk, 46, was shot three times, and one of the bullets hit her in the face, after dropping her son at school. She died at the entrance to her farm.

*14 August: Pietermaritzburg – Natal:  Matthew Neethling 38, was found dead in a pool of blood on his bed. He was beaten to death.

*14 August: Joubertina – Eastern Cape: Jan Olivier, 75, attacked by black males with knobkieries who broke into his homestead Joubertina East Cape. (search Jan Olivier)

*20 August: Kirkwood – Eastern Cape: 71-year-old John Radford has been murdered while collecting plants in the Aqua Park-bushes on the outskirts of the town.

*20 August: Bedfordview – Gauteng: A woman in her seventies was assaulted and bound wile being robbed in her home. She managed to escape.

*21 August: Kemptonpark – Gauteng: A retired Afrikaner magistrate, guest house owner Leon Sim 71 and his wife Marie 69 were stabbed to death in Kempton Park.

*27 August: Clocolan – Free State: Isabel Hugo (67), a farmer’s wife from Clocolan, was hit by a stone thrown at her by farm invaders. She is in a coma and has had a part of her brain removed by surgery. She is not likely to recover.

*1 September: Cape Town – Western Province: Olwyn Cowly (21) was shot and his body dumped in the veldt after meeting potential buyers for a vehicle he advertised on Gumtree.

*4 September: Brits – North West: Mauritz Oberholzer, 66, attacked and murdered at his agricultural smallholding near Zoutpansdrift, Brits, by four black male attackers, was bludgeoned to death with a spade while fighting fiercely to protect his wife.

*5 September: Muldersdrift – Gauteng: 13-year-old Alyssa Botha was shot dead in front of her sister and father on returning home from school. Her 17-year-old sister was shot in her legs and her father, Anton is still in hospital, recovering from surgery after he was shot in the stomach.

*5 September: Hartbeeshoek – North West: Well known farmer, Bereford Jobling (56) was brutally murdered while watching TV. His body was dumped off a bridge into a rivulet.  He was bludgeoned to death with an iron pipe. The attackers fled with his vehicle.

*6 September: Sandton – Gauteng: Elderly Sandton couple Bets and Gawie Greeff, 79, found suffocated to death.

*6 September: Ermelo – Mpumalanga: A day after het 41st Birthday, music teacher, Annemarie Birk, was found raped and murdered in her home just after 8am. Her throat was slit.

*6 September: Alberton – Gauteng: Natasha Cossadianos was brutally attacked by a Mozambican co-worker. She was stabbed 7 times and hit with a fire extinguisher.

*7 September: Kleinmond – Western Cape: Christa Ross (59), was found brutally murdered in her guesthouse. She was found in her bathtub where she was tortured with boiling water.

*9 September: Port Elizabeth – Eastern Cape: 44 Year old Shaun Mould was shot dead in his home during an armed robbery. His nephew discovered him in a pool of blood.

*9 September: Trompsburg – Free State: Elderly couple was brutally murdered on their farm after returning from church. Johan and Cecile Fourie (72) were shot after being brutally attacked with an axe. They were slaughtered like animals.

*10 September: Bellville – Western Cape: Civil-engineering student Adriaan Smit 23, fights for his life with three knifemen while changing a tire N1.


*12 September: Wartberg – Natal: A farmer Rudolph Meyer (53) is in a critical condition after being attacked by a gang of six on his farm.–six-arrested

*13 September: Kempton Park – Gauteng: A mother of two survived a brutal attack after she was hacked with a machete outside her West Street office.

*13 September: Venterstad – Free State: 91 Year old farmer, Badie Badenhorst survives a vicious attack on his farm. His was beaten with a wrought iron garden chair. The attacker fled the scene when he tried to shoot Badenhorst and the gun malfunctioned. The attacker later shot himself.

*14 September: Muldersdrift – Gauteng: 50 year old Andre Jordaan was shot during an armed robbery at his home. He later died of his injuries.

*15 September: Westonaria – Gauteng: 6 Attackers Brutally raped and assaulted a 92 year old lady and bludgeoned her 56 year old daughter to death.

*15 September: Mosselbay – Eastern Cape: A 65-year-old woman was found murdered on her farm in Great Brak, near Mossel Bay. Police found the body of Ria Mills on Saturday night while responding to a call from friends she was supposed to meet for dinner.

*16 September: Pietermaritzburg – Natal: Susan le Roux (65), was found murdered at her home in Scotsville. She was tortured and her body was burnt.[_id]=87874

*18 September: Middelburg – Mpumalanga: Jan du Toit (65) is brutally murdered during an armed robbery at his home. His wife, Marietjie, survived the attack but was severely injured.

*19 September: Nelspruit – Mpumalanga: Well known playwright, Chris Barnard (73), and husband of actress Katinka Heyns, was attacked on his farm. He spent 12 hours, tied to a chair after being tortured and robbed, before being rescued.

*21 September: Brits – North West: Corrie Sanders, former World Champion Boxer, was murdered during a robbery at a restaurant while celebrating his nephew’s 21st Birthday. He was shot in the stomach while trying to protect his daughter.

*23 September: Dewetsdorp – Free State: An elderly couple, Lue (69) and Kosie (71) Kruger, were attacked in their home on their farm. They were severely assaulted, robbed and tied with dog chains.

*23 September: Rustenburg – North West: Former South African Champion Hurdles athlete, Karen Wilkenson, was shot in her shoulder during an attack on their farm. Their dogs were poisoned and 1 of the dogs was also shot.

*24 September: De Deur – Gauteng: A family of 4 were attacked at their home while watching TV. The father was shot dead and the son survived an attack with a machete.

 *25 September: Bloemfontein – Free State: Willie Booysen (60) was seriously injured in an attempted murder as his place of business. He was stabbed with a knife several times.

*25 September: Middelburg – Mpumalanga: A 52 year old man was assaulted by a group of 8 Traffic Cops when trying to enter his property. He asked them to move the vehicle that was blocking access to his home when they started to assault him.


The 1st 5 days of October have passed and the violence is escalating! The ongoing strikes are becoming more and more violent and SATWU is now threatening to close all harbors, preventing any imports or exports from leaving the docs! Truck drivers refusing to strike are intimidated and attacked. In Cape Town alone, 17 delivery vehicles, ranging from LDVs to Tankers, have been petrol-bombed or set alight.

Gary Stewart (42) is fighting for his life after being hit by a brick thrown at him by strikers.

Our ATMs are running empty, Grocery Stores are running out of supplies and our Fuel Stations are running low or empty.

While all of this is happening, our people are still being murdered, attacked and raped!

*1 October: Lichtenburg – Northwest: Mr. HK Grobler (79), was attacked by 4 Black men in his bedroom. He was asleep when they broke into his farmhouse!

*2 October: Elsburg – Gauteng: 62-year-old Surina Kruger was found stabbed, raped, strangled and murdered in her home.

*3 October: Marquard – Free State: Elderly couple, Johan and Maria Greyling, were attacked in broad daylight. Johan was stabbed several times and is in a serious condition in hospital. Maria escaped with minor stab wounds and bruises.

*4 October: Claremont – Western Cape: Antoinette du Plessis (33), was found murdered in her home. Her throat was slit. The suspect, who used to be her gardener, is in custody.

*5 October: Pietermaritzburg – Natal: A 91-year-old woman was raped and robbed by an intruder.





  • September 30, 2012

    Yup, I remember when Mandela was touting a better life for all,seems like his followers lost the plot somewhat.

  • September 30, 2012

    Who says the followers actually ever had the plot.

    In a Psycopathocracy – posing as a Democracy – what really are the options for the minority.
    – Fight? but who do you fight against? an army, individual criminalsm, who?
    – Change the Systems? how will that happen. Every single day men here are being disintermediated by especially large corporates – who unconstitutionally override some employee’s rights for a non-discriminanory and fair employment – systematically working out white men out of positions of power.
    – Leave? That would make us cowards, right?
    – Get rid of those in power? – Only to discover that those voting for them think exactly as those in power do. (“My turn to eat”, “Let me fill my pockets with as much as I can while I can”)
    – Get a new political system? – We have the most modern constitition and our legal system are supposed to be top-notch.

    So, shouting loud is all very well – but what do we actually DO to change the situation – or do we actually just pack our bags and leave. Because that is what it seems to be leading up to!

    Just asking?

  • October 1, 2012

    This is how the month of September ended for White South Africans!

    *29 September: Benoni – Gauteng: The body of a man was found in his home on a smallholding. He was tortured and shot dead.

    *29 September: Harrismith – Free State: Richard Dovey (37) was left naked on his farm after being robbed as assulted by a group of 7 Black men.

    *30 September: Pretoria – Gauteng: 94-year-old Reina Louwrens was found murdered in her home in a secure retirement village. She was hit over her head and suffocated by pushing clothes down her throat.

  • Eugene Henning
    October 1, 2012

    Daar word seker nie verniet pertinent melding gemaak dat daar GEEN mens so blind is soos die mens wat hom-/ haarself wil blind hou nie of GEEN mens wat so doof is soos die mens wat hom-/ haarself wil doof hou nie.

    Die komplot (“conspiracy”) teen die SA Boere, in my mening, is maar basies sekerlik op die bogenoemde beginsel, asook natuurlik die van haat en dieper liggende aspekte gebasseer. Die politici vertel vir sy “zombie-volgelinge” wat hulle graag wil hoor, maar doen wat vir hulle (die politici) tot hulle eie beste voordeel sal strek.
    Geldelike en persoonlike gewin ten koste van alles en almal – wat hulle in ieder geval in hulle mags-misbruik-posisie geplaas het.

    Die Boere wat so gemartel word tydens kwansuiste en beweerde “diefstal gemotiveerde aanvalle” (NONSENS!) is ‘n herhaling van die “verskroeide aarde beweging/ beginsel” – Kenia en “Afrique Adieu”.

    En dit is verder op niks anders basseer as die ou Afrika-manier van mense manipuleer nie: “Die wreedste een regeer”, verwys graag na Robert Mugabe/ Idi Amin/ Winnie Mandela en soveel ander Afrika-“leier”-moordenaars wat deur wreedheid en barbaarsheid en publieke teregstellings hulle land/ mense “gelei”/ “regeer” (lees eerder: gely) het…en die land/ mense het hulle “gevolg” en “ondersteun” uit primitiewe en diepgesetelde vrees…dis absoluut al.

    Geen respek of aansien vir die “leier”-moordenaar nie…net pure vrees. Ongelukkig kan mens die vergelyking tref tussen die vreesbevange “zombie-volgelinge” en vreesbevange honde (nie die hond/ dier met die mens vergelyk nie, maar eerder die aksie/ reaksie/ optrede as ‘n vergelyking). Dit is ‘n kwessie van tyd, voordat die vreesbevange hond (die mense/ “zombie-volgelinge”) omdraai en uit vrees die hanteerder (“leier”-moordenaar) gaan byt (en bes moontlik verskeur)…en die vraag is vir SA, wat dan?!

    Ek hoop en bid en glo daagliks vir die beskerming en behoud van my kinders en my vrou en my familie en my vriende!
    En vir al die Boere wat op ‘n hardwerkende en eerlike manier hulle passie en liefde uitleef (op die plaas en in die natuur) en sodoende vir my in die stad ‘n stukkie vleis op my tafel voor sorg en ‘n stukkie brood daarmee saam en ‘n lekker glas melk om alles me af te was!

    Boere en ons Boere (SA) is onmisbaar en krities en van kardinale belang in ons (die mens en die land) se voortbestaan!
    Dis ONS mense waarvan gepraat word!
    Dis ONS mense wat daagliks doodgeamrtel word op die barbaarste wyses denkbaar moontlik!
    Dis ‘n stukkie van ONS eie menswees wat daagliks weggevat word van ONS af!
    Dis ‘n Boer van ONS – ONS land en ONS mense…wat onvervangbaar vermoor word deurdat die barbaarsheid toegelaat word!

  • gerda klopper
    October 1, 2012

    There is not much we can do, unfonrtunately the mind set is the same as the rest of africa. Its a mind set and a culture we cannot change or even comprehend. Personally I cannot just up and leave, knowing I’m leaving my family and friends behind. Not every white south african can afford to relocate in another country. And honestly white people do not stand together, we always argue about eveything. its a horrific scary situation we’re finding ourselves in. I’m so tired of being scared in my own house, in my own yard, we cannot go to the park or walk to the shops without fear of getting mugged, hurt and raped. Its as if we live inside a prison. And every time I go to shops or public places where black people work, you can feel their hatred towards you. And it saddens me, cause I have no hate towards them!!! I really take care of my domestic worker and gardener, but the thought of them not even appreciating it and even hating me in their privacy, freaks me out. Its horrible to live like this. And the unfairness we are treated with in the work places! I didn’t believe in apartheid, but I have to suffer for it! And now that I have a son, I can’t see him having a future here? But where do I go, we know no other place than this country. Its such a tough place to be in as a parent. Really don’t know what to do. Wish we white south africans can really unite and support each other, in some way…

  • October 1, 2012

    In ‘n pamflet wat vóór die referendum 17 Maart 1992 in besit van die REGSE ALLIANSIE VIR DIE BEVORDERING VAN DIE NEE-STEM in VERWOERDBURG gekom het en deur die ANC regoor die land versprei is, het hulle die volgende gesê:


    “We invaded the whites schools, hospitals, chruches, and all their facilities. We are training thousands of soldiers in other countries with white South Africans’ money. We are part of the countries Government. It will be a matter of time, then we will be ruling the Government.

    We are going to Nationalise everything and we are going to take everything away from the whites. We’ve smashed the white murale. We invaded their white townships, we can buy their houses, flats, we can hire their house by the hundreds and that will help us with our final task now that we are staying between the whites.

    This letter is meant for the Domestic Servants and garden boys, some of them will definitely get the letter and those that don’t get the letter will hear the other whisper. Your weapon will be fence wire the thick one double folded at the one end and sharpened on a stone the other end when your weapon is finished it should be 10 inches long. The wire you can got in any yard it will cost you nothing. Signs will be given to our Blacks when to be used.

    Plenty of Farmers are being murdered every week. The action is to be taken in Towns and small holdings, when parents are at work or when you are with the white children alone use the weapon from the shoulderbone to the Heart or from the Bottom to the Heart. This method can be used for the elderly people too. You can hide your weapon easily.

    Rape all white women and kill them.

    35 000 of these forms are send out the last few months.

    We the blacks are rejected, but junior De Klerk lives with a black woman and she is the only one that can satisfied him. Why has the white President a key to a Private department. Who has the other key to the Private department? Have a lot of patient, wait for the signal.”
    My opmerking: die bg inligting is geplaas presies soos dit in die pamflet voorkom, d w s met spelfoute en al. – G.K.

    Die moorde wat tans plaasvind word in ‘n groot mate volgens die bg ANC-modus operandi gedoen. ‘n Fotokopie van die oorspronklike pamflet is in my besit en kan vir dié doel aan enige belanghebbende of belangstellende voorsien word.

  • October 1, 2012

    Terrible, ghastly stats.
    But hey, wait a minute. In 1992 we had a referendum and the majority of whites decided to hand our country over to the blacks knowing what they were like. We gave these savages control over our lives, and the lives of our families. Well, not all of us, because those like me who voted NO knew what was in store for us if we handed over power to these simian beasts.
    So, instead of implementing the homelands policy, and telling the blacks it´s either that or war, we meekly surrendered and placed our fate in their hands.
    Really, were you brainwashed idiots that stupid?
    I packed my bags after that election and moved to another white run country. I didn´t “run away”, as you mamparas like like to put it. No I simply wasn´t prepared to be ruled by k****s, plain and simple.
    I served on the border as a troopie, and I was prepared to serve again if needs be, but only if we had our own country run by whites.
    I must say, I have zero sympathy for you wasters. You created this situation, so if you don´t like it and feel it´s become intolerable, stop complaining and do what you should have done in 1992, fight. Hell, I´d even come back and help you, even though you don´t deserve it.
    Something tells me you don´t have the guts though. You would rather cower behind your walls and hope and pray you don´t become the next statistic. W*****s.

    • October 1, 2012

      Seriously John? So babies and children and old people deserve what is happening here? There were many of us that Voted NO! …do we deserve it too? Not all of us can leave nor can we start a War against 60 000 000! …with 25% of our people living is squatter camps, 40% are elderly or children. That leaves 35% or 1,5 million men and women to fight against 60 million! We need help and we need it fast!

      • Shane
        October 2, 2012

        John I can understand your anger and frustration.

        Part of our biggest problem is the whites within our own ranks. It’s a fact, we like to argue and I think we had become too arrogant!

        Saying that we deserve what’s happening to us is more than a little harsh! No doubt there are those (WHITES) that voted in favour of the ANC and unfortunately for them – the criminals don’t discriminate! At the same time, someone has to stay behind and fight the battle. That’s why many of us are still here. The fact that we are grossly outnumbered is definately taking it’s toll! It also says a lot about the character of the people who have remained. True bravery is the ability to do what needs to be done no matter HOW MUCH YOU FEAR. And I fear, not so much for myself but for my wife & kids.

        At the end of the day , I don’t see much changing any time soon. We haven’t lost enough yet. When you open the tap, there’s water. When you flick the switch -theres light. Not enough people have been affected by these attacks to really unite us.

        But it’s coming…..

        We will stand together the day when we have our back’s to the wall and there’s nothing left to lose! That is the day when we will realise that it is up to us and only us. Not the overseas community but US!

        The problem is that by the time we reach that point – it may be too late! There will be even less of us left by then.

        Our other mistake is trying to enforce our values upon these guys. We want to fight with honour. We still have rules that we believe in and abide by. These guys just want to win – at any cost! I don;t deny that the principle of apartheid had it’s flaws – but never did we do to them what they are doing to us. And definately not on such a large scale!

        Either way, we will get support and attention the day we poot our foot down and say ” This far and no further!” We must accept that there will be a heavy price to pay but if I must do it to protect my loved ones – then so be it.

        • October 4, 2012

          Dear John,

          Yes there are many of us that could have left South Africa, alas, we do not carry British passports, besides we have businesses to run here in our mother land.

          We will stay to fight even though 90%of us women have not had the luxury of being in the army and having had the training of most men.

          I’ve already encounted hostile blacks in my home, guess what, I survived!
          We’re dealing with a savage, opportunist and a coward who attacks us. They stalks people in gangs and while we sleep. Poisioning our animals to silence them from alterning us. This is not about the Boer, this is about us being an Evolved human being and them not. They know it, just many whites don’t.
          I smelt that odour of a black man so close to me that terrible night, it cannot be discribed, it is not human or animal.

          PS: I’ve never voted ANC, but I’m sure many British born South Africans with alternative passports did cause they could still get out if the shit hit the fan as you did!
          Don’t bother coming back, you were a coward to have left in the first place.

          • Jane
            March 20, 2013

            You say it is cowardly to have left South Africa…

            Yes. please do call us cowards for leaving if being a coward means:
            – Having the courage to leave all that is familiar in order to give our children a better and safer future
            – Having the Courage to give up financial stability in order to give our children a better and safer future
            – Having the courage to take a chance and to use all our life savings in order to give our children a better and safer future.
            – Not sitting around behind 6 foot walls and electric fences waiting to be attacked but rather acting proactively and doing WHATEVER it takes to give our children a better and safer life
            – Doing a difficult thing by leaving behind friends and family in order to GIVE OUR CHILDREN a better and SAFER future.
            – Courageously moving to a foreign country, with much less than we had in South Africa, in order to give our children a better and safer future.

            We don’t ALL have British Passports. Some of us had to Sacrifice financial stability, friends, familiarity- had to sacrifice a lot, had to work very hard and give up a lot in order to move in order to give OUR CHILDREN better and SAFER lives. If that is cowardly then I will take that label with Pride, since I know that I did everything within my power to give my children a better life, rather than staying somewhere out of some misplaced loyalty where my children would have had to grow up in fear.

            Call me a coward. My children thank me regularly for giving up so much in order to give them a better and safer life. In their eyes, I’m a hero. They’re so grateful that we were willing to put them first, rather than putting some misplaced loyalty to a messed up country before our own children.

            So, while you cower behind your electric fences and gates and dogs, we’ll be sleeping tightly tonight, without fear… and more than likely my door will not even be locked. While you are scared when you stop at a red light, we won’t be. When you walk around with guns and pepper spray and have to teach your children it is unsafe to walk in the dark- we won’t be doing that. We get to teach our children about the beauty of life–they get to go for walks, they get to experience what it is like to stop at the side of the road to help someone who is having car trouble without fearing for our lives.
            Our children get to live without fear We get to live without fear.. All because we’re such ‘cowards’ that we worked our butts off, gave up everything at a point to give our family a safe upbringing. No, it wasn’t easy. It was hard. But so very very worth it to know we put our children first and did whatever we could to keep them safe.
            Cowards huh?

      • The Goose
        October 2, 2012

        I fear help will not be coming and the people will have to try and help themselves before God takes an interest. 1.5 million people, it takes but 1 to unite all, except for the white Afrikaners/Africans, who cannot stand together and never have been able to. With added guilt and shame ingrained on their souls for crimes of their fore fathers – the rest of the world keeps reminding them of that, but it’s funny how few times the segregation politics of Europe, the UK, Australia gets mentioned to their own children. This is not about run away to fight another day, the other days are fast coming to an end and nothing has been done. Education will not solve the problem, unfortunately neither will the church…the course of your future lies within your hands but difficult decisions need to be made…
        1.5 million – it has been done with less and is still being done with less. The rest of the world will not interfere? They have their own problems.
        Your choices are running out, and so is the time for your children. Change is needed but so is an awakening….
        Yes I sit within another country, because I wish to have that security for my children – to have the oppurtunities and freedom to become so much more – which has been taken from me. Because you have been forced to live with the guilt, of being ashamed of where you come from or the actions of your grandparents – the Sands of Time is running thin for you South Africa – Unite, and take a chance ! What more do your have to lose – your freedom has already been lost.

        • Lappies
          October 6, 2012

          Hi Goose

          You are writing utter nonsense and it is clear that you do not know the Afrikaner history in South Africa. Our fore fathers are NOT guilty of APARTHEID!! The concept came form the BRITISH who ruled the South African Union under the UNION JACK, before we became the South African Republic in 1961. Dr Verwoerd was the first Prime Minister in South Africa (an Afrikaner) who made an attempt to change Apartheid with Seperate Development. Yes, the black people did not have a vote, but they also did not pay taxes. The white people invested a lot of money uplifting the black community who was used to live in circumstances that their fore fathers chose. IT WAS NOT THE DECISION OF THE AFRIKANER. It was the Afrikaner VOORTREKKERS who had the guts to go through rivers and over mountains to give their children better opportunities. They believed that there is a better future and yes, we are the result of their beliefs, struggle,fighting, you name it. Please give me the name of any black person who added real value to our country, invented something that made a difference in our economy. Yes, they can TOI-TOI and destroy what we built up. YOU CAN TAKE SOME PEOPLE OUT OF THE BUSH, BUT YOU CANNOT TAKE THE BUSH OUT OF SOME. Please do not comment on things if you do not have facts. AND we are not scared of numbers, the handfull of BOERS in the war against the ENGLISH proved this. It was the biggest defeat that England ever had. They thought that it will be a breeze to get control of the gold but got a big surprise. That spirit is still within us, so do not temp the Afrikaner. We will stand together if we are pushed to the limits.

          TROTS OM AFRIKAANS TE WEES!!! TROTS OP MY LAND!!! My voorvaders se bloed en sweeet is hier. Ek bly net hier.

          • March 20, 2013

            Thanks Lappies, i wish everybody knew their history like you do. We built this land and when the time comes we WILL fight for it (Her) And i would rather die here and have my blood seep into this soil then move away. All of this is a sifting and only the strong will survive. At John, you are harch with your words for somone living in comfort far away, leave your wife and kids in safety, but you come back and fight for what the Afrikaner built. Or will you wait till the dust settles after a bloody fight and then try to return??? Will we still want you then???

            Dankie Lappies en Sunette, julle maak my trots

            Ons vir jou Suid Afrika!

      • October 2, 2012

        OK, Maybe I was harsh skattie, but we lost it all when we should have stood like men and fought, and it pisses me off, even today, 20 years later.
        But don´t maths yourself into believing it´s too late. It´s never too late.
        Let me correct your sums. 60 millian blacks of which half are women and 20% are small children. That leaves 30%, or 18 million. Since when could 1.5 million savy whites not take care of 18 million dumb savages? Boy, it´s lucky for the Boers that their forefathers who faced the zulus at blood river didn´t run when faced with odds of 30 to 1. We would face half that. It would be like clubbing seals.
        Take a stand white people and thousands of former SA whites like myself will return to help you do what should have been done in 1992.
        Remember, it´s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

      • Gerrie Venter
        March 23, 2013

        Ek het so pas ‘n lang betoog op Avaaz geplaas. Ek weet nie of ek my tyd gemors het nie, maar ek het probeer om so kort as moontlik so veel as moontlik te stel. Feit is; ons het nou dringend hulp van die internasionale gemeenskp nodig ander is ons geskiedenis.

    • October 7, 2012

      I feel similar to you John.

      As a 20something I stuck my neck out and fought for my white culture only to have whites in my community calling me racist and telling me to F&*^ off overseas if I dont like the new rainbow nation.

      I drove to CPT this weekend and see whites shopping at Woolworths with ZERO care that Woolies has hardly employed a white in the last 5 years and refuses to buy from organisations that are not BEE level 4 or above. Essentially 100% BEE compliant.

      I watch as liberal whites attack conservative whites on News24 for daring to declare black who butcher our elderly – SAVAGES!
      And I realise I aint gonna stick my neck out and fight for other whites. They dont deserve it!

      Helen Zille and her large band of liberal liars deserve the carnage blacks have heaped upon whites since 1994. They chose this!

      Unfortunately our small band of conservative boere whites who warned in 1992 this would happen (like ET) have been butchered and silenced in the most horrific manner.

      I will stand in the front lines in a war with the bantu protecting people like Dan Roodt, Sunette Bridges and Jeanette Koekemoer and I would far rather die fighting the bantu than submitting to them.
      But there are so few white south africans left who are worth me losing my life for.

      Sadly we had our chance to stop this in the early 1990s and instead we wait until after we handed our army over to the bantu to try band together.

      SUNETTE – best article i have read in a long time! I always said it would be the Boer women who will lead our culture to our freedom. I yearn for the day when we see leaders like you together on a stage speaking out for our freedom and hundreds of thousand of whites cheering support!

    • Gerrie Venter
      March 23, 2013

      I also voted no in that fateful referendum. But the whole story you do not know. De Klerk was to negotiate a deal with the ANC AND GET BACK TO THE ELECTORATE IN A SECOND REFERENDUM TO APPROVE/DISAPPROVE THE PACT. That was not done. He took a shortcut and handed the government to a terrorist gang. The rest is history.

    • Micduplessis
      March 26, 2013

      Hay john I got to this point because there was some post on face book and after reading your post this is where it ends. You see I am a South African and that being said the colour of my skin is means nothing. I live, work and pay my taxes in South Africa. When my wife and I go on holiday we leave our house open and the keys in our car at night then we sleep. This is rural KZN of course it is safe. . . . 80% of farm attacks are labour related. An old lady was murderd two weeks ago, her throat was cut and her body was put into the back of her car. . . the men that did it are monsters and should be removed from south african society and again skin coulor is irrelavant. The thing that gets to me are the born again south africans waving the old flag sitting in australia supporting My springboks. This Wonderfull country has never needed moral, educated people more than it does now. This is the time of legends in our land those that are here Positive, Progressive and passionate. Best way to start is to read our constitution and undersand it. We will win the war on crime and corruption. Security comes with community and again irrelivant of skin coulor.

  • October 1, 2012

    People that have Read “ANIMAL FARM” will identify on where SA is headed…..
    It’s as if that book was written about us here in SA !

  • Nix
    October 1, 2012

    Excellent work! Detailed, true and most important of all, a sign of the sad, inhuman, vicious reality we are facing. A call for change, leadership among us. If only we can stand together, focus on whats really going on instead of focusing on monetary issues, scandals and gossip. Time for our nation to turn back to God, as he no longer plays the Vital role that he should in our daily lives. Actions and mindsets of our kind is evident that we no longer focus on whats really important – RELIGION AND OUR DAILY ROUTINE!

  • October 2, 2012

    Sunette, dankie vir wat jy doen – jy dwing ongelooflik baie respek af en gee mense soos myself weer moed.
    Niks gaan beter word in hierdie land nie – Afrika het oor eeue heen bewys dat hy net nie instaat is om in beskaafde terme te dink en te funsioneer nie.
    Hierdie vertraagdheid en onvermoee le in die gene en met miskien ‘n uitesonderinkie hier en daar sal dit nooit verander nie.
    Die enigste uitweg vir die Afrikaner in hierdie land is om deur die verskillende opsies van selfbeskikking, onder andere ‘n eie volkstaat, vir homself ‘n eie toekoms te skep onafhanklik van die Afrikane.

    • Shane
      October 2, 2012

      Albert, ek verskil van jou (met alle respek!)

      ‘n Volkstaat is nie die antwoord nie. Hoe lank dink jy sal dit wees voor daar dan weer na ons kant toe gekyk word omdat “die gras groener lyk” en daar niks eer oor is nie.

      Die basiese beginsel van die lewe is dat jy moet wer om erns te kom en vir jou ‘n toekoms te bou. Hierdie manne soek ‘n “quick fix” want hulle wil alles he sonder die moeite om self daarvoor te werk. As ons ons eie volkstaat moes stig sal dit nie lank wees nie voor ons daar beroof, vermoor, verkrag en oorompel word. Daar sal wel ‘n rede gevind word hoe dit met ons goed gaan en nie hier nie.

      En dink jy hulle sal werklik ‘n deel van hiedie land afstaan vir ons? Hulle melk ons! Hulle het ons nodig! Daar bestaan ook altyd die gevaar dat as ons ons eie volkstaat sou he, dit ons in ‘n posiesie sou plaas om weer mag te bekom en ‘n bedreiging vir hulle te word.

      Nee wat, die skrif is teen die muur. Daar is net een toekoms wat vir ons voorle en ek dink jy kan self die somme maak en 2 en 2 bymekaar sit. Dis nie iets wat ek graag wil beleef nie maar ek sien nie dat daar ander uitkoms vir ons is nie. Ongelukkig wil ons dit nie raak sien nie ( nes die boere in Zimbabwe?)

      Dit kan mos nie met ons gebeur nie! Maar hou net die nuus bietjie dop. Die manne begin onder mekaar nou baklei vir mag. Hierdie myn stakings is Malema se mags bewys om te wys hoeveel invloed hy wel in die land het. Ons moet wakker skrik en voor berei vir die ergste!

      Berei jou eerder voor vir die ergste en dis onnodig as wat jy wakker skrik en dis te laat….

      Gelukkig dien ek die enigste God. En na die uitlatings wat hulle oor Hom gemaak het en die gespottery weet ek hulle dae is getel!

      • October 25, 2012

        Ek reageer op van jou kommentaar. Het ‘n klein stukkie uit my studie hier geplak en spoeg. Dit val in by jou gedagte dat daar nie ‘n kitsoplossing is nie. Mens moet die “delemma” wat nou bestaan, vertaan. Dit gaan oor die akkumulasie van die krisesse tot ‘n nuwe “probleem” wat ek hier aanraak. Ek bespreek dit verder in detail. Jammer dat ek nie die diagramme insit nie… weet nie hoe om dit uit word hierin te kry nie… dom.


        The study reveals that problems in Government have already reached catastrophic proportion. They are generally referred to by the media, as “crises”. The collective impact of crises is potentially much more destructive and formidable than the sum total.

        Figure 10: Collective Impact of Crises

        *Crime, Murder &
        *Health Care
        *Service Delivery
        & Poverty
        Collective Impact
        *Crises are covered in detail in study

        The combined influence of the crises strikes at the *epicentre or heart of Government:
        *covered in detail in study

        • It grinds away or erodes the foundation, common vision, values and norms of the country and its officials.
        • It neutralises the source of positive energy and movement.
        • It dissolves to glue, holding people and processes together.
        • It breaks down trust levels.
        • It destroys Government from within.
        • It tears down structure, order and discipline.
        • It creates a mindset of sheer self-centred personal objectives, resulting in infighting, political corruption, theft, misuse of power and other unacceptable behaviour.

        The above is followed by an in-depth discussion of:
        (not included here)


        Government needs to re-establish its foundation and follow a holistic approach to transformation. Emphasis should be on professional management of human behaviour and work processes.


        o Government strategies contained in the plan to end poverty before 2030 and President Zuma’s address of the nation on February 09, 2012, do not address how Government will ensure implementation.

        o It seems that Government continuously produces more plans. Institutionalising them seems difficult if not impossible within the current management and leadership milieu.

        o Isn’t it time for Government to develop an all inclusive plan aiming not at transformation dreams they have for South Africa, but at facing management and leadership shortcomings within itself?

        Transformation in South Africa is closely associated with a “numbers game” aimed at redressing historical inequalities created under Apartheid.

        It would not be farfetched to assume that Government turned transformation into a course of itself. Some would say it became the ultimate objective and driving force behind all or most of its actions and initiatives. The comprehensive legislative framework with numerous acts and large numbers of transformation programmes, support this notion. Over twenty such programmes covering just about all facets of governance are listed in 3.5 of the study.

        Prerequisites for change:


        Business transformation as set out by the study aims at radical change, resulting in an entirely different level of effectiveness. It follows a fully aligned approach, providing for logical progression and institutionalisation:

        Figure 11: Transformation Process Alignment
        (not included)


        The study touched on examples of Government decisions influenced by emotion, feelings and ideologies derived from the Apartheid era. Emotional connection, personal and group benefits, preferences, power struggle and ego-centric considerations need to be detached from decisions affecting the road ahead.

        Objectivity requires Government clearing its mind from preconceived beliefs, current ways of doing things and ideas that could impede open-mindedness.

        It implies demonstrating receptiveness in respect of:

        o Current crises experienced
        o The need for a professional “way of doing things”
        o The necessity and certainty that something has to be done to renew Government’s growth
        o The need for a clean fresh “restart” with South Africa’s constitution as anchor

        The ANC as Government will have to turn itself into a professional political party where reason and not emotion dominates decision making. This may however be very difficult, bearing its revolutionary background in mind.


        The information presented on aspects such as crime, mortality, education, health services, skills levels and service delivery is less than flattering. To move forward the ANC Government needs to unconditionally accept the picture painted by the media as “reality” and categorically commit itself to action.

        Reality amongst others also implies that any private business subjected to the kind of crises Government today are faced with, most probably would have “closed its doors”, unless supported by large money conglomerates. Governments and parastatals are however characterised by their ability to survive long after their “shelf life” or “sell by” date has expired. The world is more than familiar with the former Government of Moamer Kadhafi in Lybia and that of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

        • DISCONTENT

        This study serves as a mirror, reflecting and portraying the growth and development process. If the ANC Government takes time to read the content it will “look into an information mirror”. Senior officials will hopefully resent and dislike what they see, to the extent that they become extremely discontented and dissatisfied. It is however critical to realise that they are looking at a “picture” of themselves i.e. Government in South Africa since 1994.

        At this point in time the country more than ever, does not need happy officials; it needs extremely unhappy people in all tiers of Government. They must however be unhappy about the right things!

        Typical reaction to a study revealing unpleasant information includes:

        o Denial, disagreement and rejection of the findings as ill-founded
        o Rationalising: “It is not as bad as it seems… you’re not mentioning the things we do well!”
        o Ignoring the information as if it doesn’t exist, whilst continuing undisturbed along the same lines.

        One would however hope that it will lead to discontentment. Discontentment and dissatisfaction produce tension, energy and motivation to take concerted action; action that will hopefully transform Government from within.


        Activity orientated intervention focusing on the symptoms of insufficient growth and development, will at most produce short-term results.

        Long-term success depends upon establishing a proficient platform i.e. a base for professional output orientated management of human behaviour and work processes.

        (The base could be found in an integrated transformation model as set out in figure 14.) (not included)


        Figure 12: Process Model
        (not included)

        Transformation is a process relying on inputs to produce results or outputs. Outputs are end results feeding a next intervention. Quality inputs and quality intervention lead to excellent of outputs.


        Process relates to the methodology followed to bring about change or execute a task. Content is associated with the subject matter that is dealt with.

        One of the most important shortcomings in business is (i) an inability to distinguish between process and content and (ii) an over emphasis of content.

        Government plans such as its “second transition”, set out in its discussion document of 5 February 2012 and 2030 plan to end poverty, focus on content.

        It is impossible to effectively and efficiently institutionalise plans of this magnitude without a proper balance between process and content; especially when the foundation of good governance is perceived to be severely eroded by endless crises.

        Figure 13: Process/Content Imbalances
        (not included)


        A holistic approach implies taking action within a broad framework aimed at aligning and integrating all initiatives. The transformation model presented in 5.3 serves as example of such a structure.

        • WALK THE TALK

        Transformation starts at the top. It includes institutionalising intervention on that level before cascading it to a next level.

        Proving success on one level or “walking the talk” is necessary before expecting a next lower level to “make it work”.

    • Gerrie Venter
      March 24, 2013

      So praat ‘n bek wat moet “jem” kry.

  • October 2, 2012

    Nothing in South Africa will improve as Africa has over centuries proved not to be able to think and operate in first world terms.
    This inability lies within the genes and with maybe exceptions here and there it will never ever change.
    For the Afrikaner in this country, the only way out is to create for himself, through the various options of self-determination including their own homeland, its own future independent of the Africans.
    Unfortunately there is for a long term solution no other way out.

  • Canz
    October 2, 2012
  • Werner
    October 3, 2012

    Die pot word mis gesit. Ons kan niks doen alvorens ons nie die ondersteuning van ons Almagtige Vader het nie:

    Mal 3:7 Sedert die dae van julle vaders het julle van my insettinge afgewyk en dit nie onderhou nie. Keer terug na My, en Ek wil na julle terugkeer, sê die HERE van die leërskare. Maar julle vra: Waarin moet ons terugkeer?
    Mal 3:8 Mag ‘n mens God beroof? Want julle beroof My, en julle sê: Waarin het ons U beroof? In die tiendes en die offergawe.
    Mal 3:9 Met die vloek is julle belaai, en tog beroof julle My, julle, die hele nasie!
    Mal 3:10 Bring die hele tiende na die skathuis, sodat daar spys in my huis kan wees; en beproef My tog hierin, sê die HERE van die leërskare, of Ek vir julle nie die vensters van die hemel sal oopmaak en op julle ‘n oorvloedige seën sal uitstort nie.
    Mal 3:11 Ek sal ook die sprinkaan vir julle afweer, sodat hy die opbrings van julle grond nie sal verwoes nie; ook die wynstok op die land sal vir julle nie onvrugbaar wees nie, sê die HERE van die leërskare.

    Mal 3:12 En al die nasies sal julle gelukkig prys, omdat julle die land van welbehae sal wees, sê die HERE van die leërskare.
    Mal 3:13 Vermetel is julle woorde teen My, sê die HERE. Maar julle vra: Wat het ons onder mekaar teen U gespreek?
    Mal 3:14 Julle het gesê: Dit is tevergeefs om God te dien, en wat baat dit ons om sy verordening te onderhou en in rouklere voor die aangesig van die HERE van die leërskare te wandel?
    Mal 3:15 En nou prys ons die vermeteles gelukkig; nie alleen word die wat goddeloosheid bedrywe, gebou nie, maar hulle versoek God en raak vry!
    Mal 3:16 Toe het die wat die HERE vrees, met mekaar gespreek; en die HERE het dit opgemerk en gehoor, en daar is ‘n gedenkboek voor sy aangesig geskrywe vir die wat die HERE vrees en sy Naam eer.
    Mal 3:17 En hulle sal My tot ‘n eiendom wees, sê die HERE van die leërskare, op die dag wat Ek skep, en Ek sal met hulle medelyde hê soos ‘n man medelyde het met sy seun wat hom dien.
    Mal 3:18 Dan sal julle weer die onderskeid sien tussen die regverdige en die goddelose, tussen die wat God dien en die wat Hom nie dien nie.

    Ons hemelse Vader het gesê dat hy die werke van ons hande sal verwoes as ons nie ons geloftes betaal nie (Deut.23:21-23, Prediker 5:3-5).

    Ons het op ‘n punt gekom dat ons moet begin besef ons is self verantwoordelik vir die moorde op ons Volksgenote, famielie en vreinde. Doen dit wat ons in eed belowe het aan ons Almagtige Vader, en Hy sal die juk van ons verwyder.

    • Shane
      October 3, 2012

      Werner – ek stem 100% saam met jou!

      Maar dit beteken nie ons moet net terug sit en wag nie.

      Ons KAN nie staat maak op oorsee se hulp nie want dis nie HULLE probleem nie. En ja, dit is so dat mense skuldig is daaraan om nie die volksvergaderinge by te woon nie. En ja, ons bring te veel tyd deur voor die TV en te min op ons kniee. Daar is baie waaroor jy ons kan aankla en ons is skuldig!

      Terselfde tyd, is die feit dat ons te veel na mekaar wil vinger wys kan ook die rede wees hoekom ons nie kan saam staan nie…

      Hoe dit ook al sy, dit is so dat ons niks kan doen sonder ons God se hulp nie. Dit is ook so dat hy vir ons genoeg intiligensie gegee het om self te kan sien en beplan vir die tye wat voorle. Die goeie vader gaan ons nie help as ons net terugsit en wag dat alles vir ons gebeur nie.

      • Werner
        October 3, 2012

        Ek is een met jou daar, Shane. As elkeen sy deel doen, dan sal ons anderkant uitkom…

  • Werner
    October 3, 2012

    Hiermee plaas ek die skrywe van my broer, Anton Lehmann:

    Skuldig soos aangeklae?

    Geagte volksgenoot.
    Hiermee wil ek u as volksgenoot aanklae.

    Die Boervolk of Afrikanervolk roep nou al vir die vierde keer ‘n vergadering op. Elke volksgenoot is uitgenooi om die toestand van die volk te bespreek, en te beraadslaag oor wat ons te doen staan om uit ons situasie van verdrukking, uitmoring, ens. te kom.

    Dus, my klag teen u is; dat u nie die vergaderings bywoon nie. Hoekom nie? “Want daai ouens is van die pad af” of “Hulle neem die verkeerde besluite” of “My dominee of organisasie raai my aan om weg te bly” of “Die verkeerde mense lei die vergadering”.

    Of miskien “Ek vereenselfwig my nie met Boere, of Afrikaners nie”. Of is dit bloot omdat u klaar ‘n belangrike afspraak het? Belangriker as die uitmoring van u volk?

    Weet u volksgenoot, dit is u skuld as die verkeerde mense deur die volk aangestel is. Dit is u skuld as die verkeerde besluite geneem is. Want u was nie daar om dit te keer nie! U kon mos gekeer het, en gesê het; julle handel verkeerd. Of ek is beskikbaar om vir my volk te werk. DIS U SKULD VOLKSGENOOT!

    Plaasaanvalle en moorde gaan nie stop as ons almal ons “facebook of bbm profile pics” vir ‘n dag of drie verander nie. Niemand oorsee gaan dit kom stop nie. Besef u dan nie volksgenoot, dat ons self verantwoordelik is nie?

    Hoekom kan u so maklik duisende rande spandeer op vakansie? Mense rook maklik tot R5000 per jaar uit. Hoekom is daar geld vir sulke goed, maar die vergadering (brandstof en verblyf) is te duur? Is daar nie geld vir u volk nie? Is daar nie geld vir die behoud van u nageslag nie?

    Weet u nou nog nie? Die volksvergaderings word nie gehou deur ‘n organisasie nie. Daar is nie ledegeld of naamlyste nie. U is klaar lid van die volk! Hoekom woon u nie u volk se vergaderings by nie?

    U is aangeklae Boer. U is aangeklae Afrikaner. U is aangeklae Oranianer. Ja, die hele Geloftevolk is aangeklae. Is u skuldig? Waar gaan u wees as die volk beraadslag oor u veiligheid en toekoms?

    Klag gelê deur ‘n besorgde volksgenoot.
    Anton Lehmann.

    Tema: Ons het ‘n toekoms!
    Datum: D.V. 5 tot 7 Oktober 2012.
    Plek: Majuba feesterrein.

  • marleysa
    October 3, 2012

    I just want to inform my fellow south africans about something they might have no idea about – the general public feeling about your situation in south africa in countries I have been in and now am residing in. I teach english as a second language to foreigners and have through my work been in close contact with thousands of students and teachers from 14 different countries and this is the general perception of these people:” You white south africans deserve what you’re getting now – don’t beg us for any help, your forefathers mistreated the “poor blacks” and now you wanna cry when it’s “payback” time?” I tried, to no avail, to inform them that we are not the ones that mistreated blacks but rather the ones that gave them their freedom back. The general populations in these countries just dont care a hoot about any white south african being raped or murdered – and that’s the sad fact of it all.
    Sunette, the FACT is that most of the general public here are WELL AWARE of the genocide happening in south africa – but just dont care since we “deserve” to be all raped and killed they say. Some even say just like one of your leaders “well, if they don’t like it – tell them to go back to where their forefathers came from, they don’t “belong” in BLACK Africa anyway”. So shouting online on various websites for other countries to “notice” the genocide going on in SA is actually futile since they DO KNOW whats going on.
    Just thought you ought to know too.

    • Shane
      October 3, 2012

      Pretty much what I expected. At the same time we cannot expect others to do for us what we’re not willing to do for ourselves!

      At the end of the day we will have to fight our own battles. Unfortunately we are not yet united and until things have gone far enough – we won’t be.

      The moment we realise that certain things are inevitable, we can start preparing ourselves. And as they say – “Chance favours the prepared mind!”

  • storm
    October 4, 2012

    Sad to see the statistics….sad, at times glad, to see comments of people and the debate around the topic….but the action to “Unity is Strength” is but an illusion!

    The debate on a religious, political, social and economical levels are all important, but the interaction of it, and the people involved, are the more important factor!

    We keep ourselves busy with dogma and own opinions of religion….just believe in God and act!

    Politically we are in the desert….maybe we need the 40 years for the new generation to take the lead, we, the older generation lost it! Where are the leaders of the Broederbond, Ruiterwag, Rapportryers and name them….gone, no backbone, the money was made and the positions experienced…so why lead?

    Economically we are involved with BBBEE, but where are the job creators for the white people, so that we can learn from one another and support one another..look at the Jews, they are surviving despite all the forces that blocked them, they believed and overcome.

    Socially, we are not promoting or language, or culture…e.g. song, dance, “kuier”. Our schools are fighting a battle of numbers, why not create our own? Many will say money, what is wrong with a house, a garden..the way people done it in the past, BUT are we prepared to sacrifice the successes of the fathers.

    So “what” is mention, now…the “how”?

    Will “Volfsfeeste”, gatherings, stage plays, talk – help?,….maybe yes, we need forums to start actions….but only if we are prepared to lead and be lead in unity, as a fist in strength.

    Am I, you and us willing? You be your own judge!

    • Charmaine
      October 5, 2012

      Pastor James David, a black American evangelist, states that the worst thing that happened in South Africa was the day it was handed over to Mandela. Marleysa has the opposite experience that I do. I travel a lot and have never encountered anyone suggesting that “white South Africans deserve what they are getting”. The opposite in fact. Civilised nations are rightfully abhorred by any kind of violence. The outside world in their greed made sure that SA went to the people that would downgrade this country and so it is. In my experience as a lecturer for 13 years, 99% of middle class black students are decent and actually think much like we do. Unfortunately the youth (white and black) is mostly selfish and lazy and few actually bother to cast a ballot.

  • marleysa
    October 5, 2012

    You will be surprised to know that people who said those ugly words to me were american,spanish,french and other so called “civilised” people…in fact the only ones who seems to understand our position and cares for our well being are the minority of underdeveloped and so called “uncivilised” nations..

  • October 6, 2012

    The 1ste 5 days of October have passed and the violence is escalating! The ongoing strikes are becoming more and more violent and SATWU is now threatening to close all harbors, preventing any imports or exports from leaving the docs! Truck drivers refusing to strike are intimidated and attacked. In Cape Town alone, 17 delivery vehicles, ranging from LDVs to Tankers, have been petrol-bombed or set alight.

    Gary Stewart (42) is fighting for his life after being hit by a brick thrown at him by strikers.

    Our ATMs are running empty, Grocery Stores are running out of supplies and our Fuel Stations are running low or empty.

    While all of this is happening, our people are still being murdered, attacked and raped!

    *1 October: Lichtenburg – Northwest: Mr. HK Grobler (79), was attacked by 4 Black men in his bedroom. He was asleep when they broke into his farmhouse!

    *2 October: Elsburg – Gauteng: 62-year-old Surina Kruger was found stabbed, raped, strangled and murdered in her home.

    *3 October: Marquard – Free State: Elderly couple, Johan and Maria Greyling, were attacked in broad daylight. Johan was stabbed several times and is in a serious condition in hospital. Maria escaped with minor stab wounds and bruises.

    *4 October: Claremont – Western Cape: Antoinette du Plessis (33), was found murdered in her home. Her throat was slit. The suspect, who used to be her gardener, is in custody.

    *5 October: Pietermaritzburg – Natal: A 91-year-old woman was raped and robbed by an intruder.

  • Boorgat
    October 6, 2012

    Dit het my nou drie ure gevat om die hele blad met al die kommentaar te lees. Die probleem is dat daar nog ure se leeswerk beskikbaar is om tot dieselfde gevolgtrekking te kom.

    Die artikels word gelees en emosies hardloop hoog wanneer dit gelees word. Navorsing word gedoen om al die inligting bymekaar te sit oor wat al gebeur het en die uitkoms daarvan is nog ure se leeswerk wat mens se emosies opjaag.

    Die vraag wat ek het is, hoekom kan die ure se tyd vir navorsing en die ure se tyd om die artikels te lees, nie gebruik word om `n oplossing te kry nie?

    Ek kan ook op die internet gaan en artikels aflaai van moorde op boere, die Afrikaner volk, en dan word dit gelees deur mense wat klaar bewus is van wat aangaan. Die boodskap gaan nooit die ‘blindes’ of ‘dowes’ bereik nie, so die artikels help nie vir bewusmaking nie. Dit maak net mens emosioneel. Dan gaan 99% van die mense, wat die artikels lees, aan met iets anders nadat hulle dit gelees het en vergeet dan daarvan, totdat die volgende artikel gelees word.

    Ek is self `n boer, trots Afrikaner, trots BOER, maar ek is moeg vir emosies. Ek is bereikbaar vir enige iemand wat met my kontak wil maak met `n oplossing. Kom ons bou `n toekoms deur ons dade en nie deur wat een of ander buite persoon, wat nie `n Afrikaner is nie, te sê het oor ons volk nie.

    Ons is `n Christen volk wat weer, met God se hulp, kan opstaan.

    • Lappies
      October 6, 2012

      Dankie Boorgat

      Dit is die gees van Afrikaners. Ek stem saam. Lees my kommentaar aan The Goose 2/10. Ek is ook moeg vir koomentaar van mense wat kommentaar lewer oor die Afrikaner en ons uitsonder as die skuldiges vir, soos hulle se, die skandes van ons voorvaders en dit terwyl ons voorvaders die hoogste integriteit and trots gehad het. ‘n Eienskap wat vandag se generasie mee sukkel.

      Dit is tyd vir oplossings. Ek het onglukkig nie ‘n oplossing nie, maar ek glo dat so ‘n leier weer uit ons geledere sal uitstyg. Ek glo en vertrou dat daar nog ‘n toekoms vir ons nasate is. As die Voortrekkers kon glo in ‘n toekoms vir hulle kinders, kan ons ook. Hulle het geloof gehad onder baie moeiliker omstandighede as ons, en kyk wat het hulle bereik. Hulle was die pelgrims vir wat ons vandag is en het. Ons is die toekoms waarin hulle geglo het en dit gaan alles inag geneem nie so sleg met ons nie. Ek dink ons kla met die witbrood onder die arm.
      Trots op my land en my taal. Ek sal als in my beskeie vermoe doen, al is dit hoe klein om ‘n verskil te maak aan ons kinders se toekoms. Elke bietjie help het die padda gese toe hy in die see gepiepie het.

      Afrikaner groete

    • October 6, 2012

      Boorgat, glo my ek is al net so moeg vir nie emosies en die niksdoen daarna, maar ongelukkig is die van ons wat LANKAL weet hoe dit is, maar ‘n druppel in die emmer.

      Ek DOEN ook eerder as om al die ure te spandeer aan die skryf van artikels en navorsing, maar dis ongelukkig nodig! Ek het planne en ek spandeer 100x meer tyd daaraan as aan die skryf van die goed op my blog. …sal graag met jou gesels. As jy wil, stuur vir my ‘n e-pos na met jou kontakdetail…

      Die Engelse artikels is vir die WERELD om te lees. Nie oor ek dink dat hulle iet vir ons kan of WIL doen nie, maar om seker te maak hulle verstaan PRESIES hoekom ons nie meer niks kan doen nie…



    • Shane
      October 10, 2012


      As Jy eerlik met jouself is sal jy besef dat daar net EEN oplossing is….. Dis tyd om standpunt in te neem! Jy kan net met ‘n redelike mens redineer.

      Hierdie mense is nie redelik nie.

      Dus word jy gedwing om OF alles te aanvaar, OF om standpunt in te neem op watter ookal wyse nodig is …….

      Dis nou waar die moeilikhed kom. Want sien, ek is bereid om my voet neer te sit as ek weet ek het ondersteuning. Maar as daar nou ‘n voorval is en ek doen wat nodig is – gaan ek maar net nog ‘n storie in die koerant wees of gaan daar wel mense wees wat opstaan en se genoeg is genoeg? Niemand wil vir hulleself opstaan nie want op die einde van die dag moet hulle alleen alles “face”.

      Kom ek praat reguit – ek kan nie sien dat ons hierdie probleem sonder geweld kan oplos nie. Weereens, jy kan nie met ‘n onredelike mens redineer nie – so watter ander uitkoms is daar vir ons?

  • October 8, 2012

    I am a South African born and bred Capetonian, living in New Zealand for the past five years now with my husband and four growing children, as much as I love my country of birth I will never come back to live there as there is just no future for any white South African anymore and especially for our children, yes I miss home and of course all my family that still lives there and I pray everyday that they will be safe but who wants to live life with constant fear on a daily basis, being in NZ we do get lots of information on SA from family members and media. My husband arrived first in NZ due to a job offer, he is a Licsensed Aircraft Engineer then my children and I followed three months later, we chose not to bring our furniture and alot of comforts we were used to, and arrived with just our luggage and not alot of money to make a brand new start, nobody said moving overseas was easy besides just getting on a plane you have to deal with the emotional side of things especially going into the unknown different country, culture and so very far from home but we did and yes its been a huge difficult process and all ,but we do not havet a inch of regret for making that move when we did.. there is life and freedom outside SA I do know that not many SA’s cannot or do not want to leave for many reasons but there are those people that can and just dont, if a family of six with no family in another country and alot of obsicles thrown in the mix can do it then so can everyone else, SA will never be the same again its only going to get worse just like Zimbabwe leave if you can not only for yourselves but most importantly your children.One good thing I can say being here is that I have already opened the overseas door for my family if they need to leave South Africa for those that want or have to leave when they are ready.. I wish you all the very best and hope you all make the right decision.

  • JB Burger
    October 10, 2012

    Time we start gravitating South… Sal dit nie wonderlik wees om in donker Afrika ‘n voorbeeld te kan wees van wat moontlik is as gesonde verstand toegelaat word om te gedy nie… Is dit so ondenkbaar dat ‘n deel van die bevolking kan vra om onafhanklik te word? Dit is die enigste manier hoe ‘n minderheid weer sal kan saamstaan en as ‘n groep (volk) kan funksioneer. Ek dink nie aan ‘n verkrampte situasie nie, maar hoop vir ‘n situasie waar die getalle meer gebalansseerd is sodat alles nie meer ‘n stryd is om fisiese oorlewing nie, maar eerder omskep word in ongekende groei en vooruitgang, wel, te minste in die Afrika konteks…

    Droom aan Burger, droom aan….

  • Johann Spykerman
    October 16, 2012

    Daar sal nie n volkstaat wees nie.Die opregte mense SAL weer regeer oor ons hele Vaderland.dis hoe dit is.

  • October 24, 2012

    I understand that one could be very emotional about ANC Governance. It seems that one either likes Government or you don’t — there is nothing in-between. I found myself in exactly the same situation.

    What did I do?

    1. I developed objective criteria for evaluating ANC Governance since the end of Apartheid.
    2. I am utilising the criteria to evaluate Government strengths and shortfalls.
    3. I have already made 7 posts on my blog. They deal with the evaluation criteria.
    4. I will use the criteria as yardsticks for measuring ANC Governance.
    5. The results will be published in future posts.

    How does this study influence my perceptions?

    1. I am able to take an objective view of what is happening in Government and South Africa .
    2. I understand why it is happening. Where it comes from.
    3. I am clear on the consequences for South Africa.
    4. I know what can be done to improve government in South Africa. In this respect I developed a blueprint for real transformation.

    Please follow my blog. All comments and suggestion will be welcome.
    SA Voicing
    A Study-South Africa-ANC Government-Post Apartheid-Good Governance Model-Evaluation of SA Government 1994>-Strategy to Reconstitute ANC Governance

    • Shane
      October 25, 2012

      I have read through your posts. Makes for informative reading.

      These are my thoughts: In order for there to be any real progress between two parties you need honour & integrity. Two characteristics that are blatantly lacking in our current leadership. At the same time both parties must truly work towards the same goal with both parties being equally equal ( I know, this statement makes no sense but watch Animal Farm to get my meaning)

      Then an acceptable time frame needs to be put in place for results to be achieved.
      If any party tries to rush things then you’re doomed to fail.
      And so I can go on.If

      While your blueprint might be a good solution – we have to face facts, the odds of getting sufficient “buy in” are fairly slim. As long as there are those that want to futher their own agendas, we will always sit with a problem.

      I don’t see myself as a pessimist but rather as a realist. Realistically, if farms, businesses , top positions etc. are not given to the unqualified masses, they will always attempt to take it by some form of force.

      Also, knowing why things happen doesn’t make them acceptable. As long as justice and fairness cannot reign – you’re fighting an uphill battle!

  • The Philster
    November 10, 2012

    This is about Genocide. Everyone concerned about this, should look at material from the following site
    Daniel Goldhagen is an expert on the subject.

    • David K Jamieson
      January 24, 2013

      Kindly add the following fatalities to your list of those who have been murdered in violent South Africa :
      My ex Brother in Law and his second wife :

      Frank Brian Evans – Murdered in his Westville, Durban Townhouse on 7 November 1998 with his wife Mary Evans ( nee Campbell )

      David K. Jamieson
      Montrose, Scotland

  • February 3, 2013

    Ek het pas ‘n gedeelte van ‘n studie oor die Regering groei en ontwikkeling voltooi. Dit sluit 17 posts op my blog in. Plaasmoorde en die redes daaragter word in besondehede behandel. Lees dit asb en gee terugvoer. Baie dankie. SA Voicing
    Blog adres:

    • Shane
      February 3, 2013

      Ek moet se dit maak nou baie beter sin!

      As dit die geval is dan watse toekoms het ons blankes nog in hierdie land? Ek glo die meeste blankes verduur alles omdat hulle glo dit gaan beter word.

      Maar as ek die artikel lees dan verstaan ek dat ons ekonomies tot ons kniee gebring gaan word! Vir ons wat anders (beter?) redineer maak dit nie sin om ‘n land af te breek net om volle mag te verkry nie. Natuurlik is dit hoe ‘n blanke sou redineer maar as ons na Zimbabwe kyk dan weet ons mos logika speel nie werklik ‘n rol nie….

      Dit laat mens dink – hard dink want ek weet nie of die blankes in hierdie land dit in hulle het om dit te keer nie? Daar is te veel van ons mense in die verkeerde kampe!

      Dus wat bly dan oor?

  • poo bear
    March 2, 2013

    An interesting article on the roots of multiculturalism

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